I like to collect Zen Koans. While there are sites out there that collect koans, most don’t have comment functionality. I’ve decided to collect and post koans here so that people may discuss their thoughts and feelings about each.

Koan Listing

  1. A Cup of Tea
  2. The Muddy Road
  3. What a Fine Mountain
  4. The Masterpiece
  5. The Journey to Another Monastery
  6. The Hall is Very Dark
  7. Can you get hold of Emptiness?
  8. Where can dust collect?
  9. If Nothing Exists
  10. It Will Pass
  11. Moving Mind
  12. The Holy Man
  13. We’ll See
  14. The Nature of Things
  15. Working Too Hard
  16. The Thief and the Moon
  17. Without Blinking an Eye
  18. How Do You Know?