I’ve been having a problem with my graphics adapter for a while now.

What happens is that my computer freezes up for about 10 seconds, then resizes the monitor resolution to 640×480 and displays everything in 4 colors. An error box then pops up with some nonsense about the ialmrnt5 driver malfunctioning, and I’m forced to reboot the PC to get back to my normal display resolution.

The odd thing about this error is that it doesn’t occur when I’m performing any graphics-intense functions – it usually happens when my PC is just sitting there, minding its P’s and Q’s, and I move the mouse to get the monitor to turn on. (hmm, maybe it’s a power-save feature error?)

Anyway, some research suggests that installing the latest Intel video drivers will fix the problem.  (Update: Page is down.  Here is a cached copy.)

  1. Download the drivers from here (Update:  Site looks down. Here is a cached copy.)
  2. Install and follow the instructions.

I haven’t had any problems since making the update — I’ll update if I do.