If you’ve ever had to use the task manager (CTRL-ALT-DELETE) to kill a “Not Responding” program, you’ve probably been frustrated by the time it takes for the program to actually disappear from your screen. What’s going on here is that a Microsoft provided tool called “Windows Error Dump Reporting,” or “dumprep.exe,” is creating a file containing information about the error that can later be sent back to Microsoft, where it will be summarily ignored along with millions of other error reports.

You can safely disable this largely useless feature (and thus speed up your computer in crash-situations) by taking the following steps.

How to disable dumprep.exe:

  1. Right click on “My Computer,” choose “Properties” from that menu.
  2. Click on “Advanced tab,”
  3. Click the “Error Reporting” button.
  4. Check the “Disable error reporting” box. You may choose to uncheck the the box below it, “But notify me when an error occurs,” if desired.

Voila, the annoying dumprep.exe tool is now disabled!