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How to disable the HTML5 player on YouTube in Chrome browser

Man, this HTML5 player on YouTube is causing me so many problems. Choppy audio, frequent video stuttering, it’s terrible.  I don’t have the newest computer in the world (Windows XP still going strong!), but it’s certainly fast enough to handle showing a video and doing something else at the same time. I don’t have any [...]

How To Join or Combine MP3 Files With Windows

I’ve been listening to a lot of audio books lately. I like to listen to them while walking, or while at the gym. The problem with audio books is that they often come in multiple files, and I don’t like having to set up a playlist for each book. The Android app that I use [...]

Windows Desktop Icons Keep Flashing On & Off? In my case, VNC was the cause.

The icons on my Windows XP machine have been flashing on & off intermittently for quite a while.  The problem would come & go, and it wasn’t my primary computer, so I never bothered looking into it, though I did have a few suspicions as to the culprit. I had a little extra time today, [...]

How to Set the Window Size and Position of a Chrome Application Shortcut

Now that I’ve moved into the Android world, I’ve been using Google/Gmail’s “Tasks” feature to keep track of my To Do Lists.  I prefer this method to a separate stand-alone ToDo app because it’s clean & simple, and it’s one less app to manage. I created a Chrome Application Shortcut to my Task List for [...]

“Press Ctrl-I to enter configuration utility” Boot Failure Caused by Kindle

I had to reboot one of my computers, which a pretty rare occurrence around here. The machine is a few years old Dell Dimension e520. The problem:  The computer wouldn’t reboot.  After running through a little RAID dialog, the computer just hung, right after showing the message “Press Ctrl-I to enter configuration utility”.  The solution:  [...]

Chrome Crashing Immediately on Startup

Well this is a fine way to start the morning. I grab my laptop, sit down in the front of the fireplace, open Chrome, crash.  Open Chrome again, crash.  And again, crash. Ugh. I did a little searching (in Firefox, not Chrome) and found that this is a pretty common problem as of late.  Here’s [...]

Getting Windows Live Writer to Show Your Template Properly

Bogging can get cumbersome.  Logging in to each blog individually, using the online WordPress editor and working around its quirks, positioning your screen so you can see everything at once, etc.  Not to even mention that if you maintain multiple blogs, you’ll need to do this a little bit differently for each blogging platform that [...]

US Daylight Saving Time Ends Nov 7, 2010 – Windows XP Is Wrong

Confusing morning here at the On Everything household. Half of my computers went ahead and adjusted themselves an hour back, presumably for the end of Daylight Saving Time. But the other half didn’t. I even had XP sync the time with a remote time server, but I was still seeing different times on different computers. [...]

AcrobatInfo.exe is as bad as a Virus – How to remove it

I’ve noticed that my older laptop running Windows XP has gotten much slower when browsing files in Windows Explorer. I did some research and found that every time I did anything within the Windows Explorer shell, a process called AcrobatInfo.exe was firing up, eating up system resources, and just generally slowing things down. The result [...]

How to Fix the clock’s “An Error Occurred While Windows was synchronizing with” Error

Ah, daylight savings time. The time of year that reminds us all that our computer’s automatic clock setting mechanism may not work as expected. I’ve been getting the error message “”An Error Occurred While Windows was synchronizing with time.windows.com” error message when trying to manually sync my clock to the Windows time server. A screenshot [...]

How To Get a Kingwin USB Drive Enclosure To Work In Windows XP

I foolishly purchased a Kingwin Blackjack BJK-35USBI from Newegg for the low price of $14.99 + Shipping and Handling. Big mistake – this thing is terrible. First, the documentation says nothing about it working with Windows XP. And it doesn’t – most of the time. That said, I did discover a trick to get it [...]

How To Run Device Manager From The Windows Command Line

Microsoft went and hid the device manager. It’s buried beneath at least 5 separate click events. Fortunately, it is possible to run the device manager from the Windows command line. (That is, the box that pops up when you hit Start->Run.) This should save you a lot of clicking around, particularly if you have to [...]

How to Re-Mount a USB Drive in Windows Without Rebooting

I have a really crappy Kingwin USB external drive enclosure. It doesn’t usually work. When it does work, I am able to connect it to my XP computer exactly once. That’s right – after choosing to “Safely remove hardware” from the computer, when I reconnect the drive it isn’t recognized by Windows until I reboot [...]

How To Block Websites

So you want to block your kids from going to certain websites, eh? There is a lot of software out there that blocks websites, some of it good, some of it not so good. There is a simple way to block websites on your home computer without installing any additional software. To block specific websites [...]

Installing WebUI in uTorrent 2.0

Uh oh. The latest update to uTorrent broke its web interface, WebUI. After the automatic update, people are seeing only a spinning “loading” in the middle of the page. I appears that the latest update is incompatible with older versions of WebUI. No worries – here’s how to update it. Steps to fix WebUI Download [...]

Fix the Synergy Copy-and-Paste Clipboard Problem on XP

I use Synergy to use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers. (Or, I should say, I used to use Synergy – more on that later.) It’s really great software. If you’ve never used it, and you have multiple computers on your desktop, I highly recommend that you check it out. For a [...]

How To Take A Screenshot Of A Movie In Windows XP

In Windows XP, taking a screenshot is usually as easy as hitting the “Print Screen” key. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for movie files. When you try to take a screenshot of a movie in XP, you just get a black box where the still image is supposed to be. I use VLC as my general [...]

How To Force a Full-Screen Game To Run In A Window In XP

Man, nothing bothers me more than computer applications that insist on going full-screen in Windows. (OK, some things bother me more. But it *is* annoying.) This behavior seems to be prevalent in many computer games, and I can’t for the life of me understand why developers insist on abusing their users in this way. Hey [...]

How To Delete A File That Is In Use By Another Person Or Program

Ah, the joys of Windows XP. Ever go to delete a file, only to be met with the annoying error message, “Cannot delete <filename> It is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again.” ? This behavior is meant to prevent you from hosing [...]

How To Watch Flash Videos Full-Screen on Dual Monitor Setup

If you have a dual monitor setup, you’ve probably tried to watch a flash video on one screen while working on the other. As you likely know by now, it doesn’t work – as soon as you click the mouse on the other screen, the Flash video snaps back to regular size. Pretty annoying, I [...]

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