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Trig Razor Blade Review

I’ll get right to the point – Trig razor blades are by far the worst blade I’ve ever used. The blade doesn’t seem all that sharp.  It pulls out more hair than it cuts. Because of its dullness, it’s always getting caught & bouncing on my face, rather than gliding smoothly.  This would normally cause [...]

Asco Super Stainless Razor Blade Review

When I started working through my double edged blade sampler pack, I thought I would write a review of each blade, or at least each blade that I liked. But there was a problem with that plan – namely, I don’t have all that much to say about these blades.  Only “I like these,” or [...]

Lord Platinum DE Razor Blade Review

I’m slowing working through my double-edge blade sampler pack and recently tried the Lord Platinum class blade.  I rather liked the Lord Platinums – I had about week’s worth of growth on my face and was happy to find that I got a decent shave with only 2 passes. I was a bit surprised to [...]

Gillette Platinum DE Razor Blades are Wonderful

I started shaving with a double-edge (DE) razor about 1 month ago. When I started out, I initially purchased 100 Shark blades from Amazon based on a recommendation from a user on Reddit.  The blades had excellent reviews, and at only 18 cents per blade, how could I go wrong, right? Wrong.  I’ve since come [...]

Making Lather with Walmart’s Van Der Hagen Shave Soap

A new-ish company named Van der Hagen produces an inexpensive glycerin shave soap for use with double edge (DE) razors and straight razors. The soap is surprisingly well regarded by the shaving community, and sells at your local Walmart for just $1.50. For $1.50, I had to give it a shot. I initially had a [...]

Don’t use Canned Shaving Cream with a Safety Razor

Don’t. Just don’t. As mentioned here, I tried using canned cream with my safety razor and it didn’t go so well. I did it because I’m new to traditional wet shaving, and while I had a DE razor and some shave soap on hand, my brush hadn’t yet arrived in the mail.  I was anxious [...]

Making Lather without a Shaving Brush

So you have a safety razor and soap but no shaving brush, eh?  I found myself in this exact predicament when I first ordered my shaving supplies.  I got everything in the mail on the same day, except for the shaving brush.  I was anxious to get started, but I didn’t have any idea how [...]

Getting Started with Traditional Wet Shaving

If you’re new to shaving with a traditional safety razor, you probably have a ton of questions. There’s good news: There are a ton of answers out there on the internet, including a bunch of excellent Youtube videos that will answer nearly any question you may have. I don’t intend my site to provide a [...]

Downsides of Traditional Wet-Shaving with a Safety Razor

I recently started wet-shaving with a safety razor, as discussed here. Shaving with a safety razor definitely has it’s upsides, but there are downsides as well. As with anything in life, there are tradeoffs. When choosing to shave with a safety razor, you’re foregoing the speed & convenience of a modern shaving cartridge system for [...]

Shaving with a Safety Razor and Double-Edge (DE) Blade

I recently started shaving with a safety razor.  For those unfamiliar with the term, a safety razor is an “old-school” metal razor with replaceable feather-light blades.  Think of the type of razor your grandfather probably used – that’s the sort of razor I’m talking about. I chose to start shaving with a safety razor for [...]


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