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Why Can’t I Remove Items from the Kindle Fire Home Screen Carousel?

Psst.  Hey, Amazon. You know all those eBooks I’ve bought at your site over the years? You know which ones I’m talking about? Yeah, you do.  And so does everyone else who picks up my Kindle Fire, because every book I’ve ever purchased from you is listed in the carousel! Never mind the fact that [...]

LinkedIn Tracks Who You Search, Lets People Know That You’ve Viewed Their Profile

I got an email from LinkedIn containing a list of “people I might know.”  Doesn’t sound too shocking, it’s a social networking site just like Facebook, right?  Here’s the creepy part:  I don’t even have a “real” LinkedIn account, but the email contained lists of people that I actually do know. Scared? You should be. [...]

RockMelt takes privacy seriously, but you can’t use it unless you share all of your personal data from Facebook

Well isn’t this just the most hypocritical thing I’ve seen all week. Seems that Marc Andreeson, one of the brains behind NCSA Mosaic and its successor Netscape Navigator, is working on a new web browser dubbed RockMelt.  With its integrated social networking features, RockMelt claims to be “Your Browser, Re-Imagined.” First, I don’t want my [...]

Your Phone Number is on Facebook – Who Cares?

A lot of my Facebook friends keep re-posting this. Apparently people are outraged that their phone number is available to their Facebook friends. Why is everyone so concerned? The message: PHONE NUMBER IS NOW ON FACEBOOK! Go to the top right of your screen, click Account then Edit Friends. Go to the left side of [...]

Facebook Rolls Out “Master” Privacy Controls

Got this in the mail from Facebook today. Turns out the rumors are true. Thought I’d share. Hi Eddie, Facebook will roll out changes today that will make it easier for our users to understand and control their privacy settings. As this change will have an impact on our users, we wanted to let you, [...]

Searching your Facebook page for “Automation Log” does not show you people who have “Hacked’ your account

A recent Facebook hoax reads like this: IMPORTANT No joke! Apparently multiple people have had a hacker. I tried this and yes he was listed on mine too. The way to find them is to go into your settings, privacy settings, block list, and in the “person” box, type “automation log.” If someone pops up, [...]

How to turn off the “Recent Documents” display in the Windows XP Start menu

By default, Windows XP displays a menu entitled “Recent Documents” in the Start menu. This list of recently accessed files can be viewed by anyone using your computer, which can make for some uncomfortable circumstances when others sit down at your desktop. Keep your files more private by turning that list off. There are 2 [...]


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