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What are the 10 strongest retail markets in the U.S.?

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important decisions you will make is where to locate your business.  For many involved in online sales, location is unimportant.  But if you’re in the restaurant or retail sector, location is everything. I came across this list of the Ten Strongest Retail Markets in the US.  The list [...]

2008 Population of Each US State According to the Census Bureau

USA Today reports that the US Census Bureau has released population estimates for 2008. Since 2000, the fastest-growing states in the US have been Utah, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, and Colorado. Other Notes: The only two states to lose population were Michigan and Rhode Island. Michigan’s population declined 0.5 percent (46,000), while Rhode Island’s fell [...]

How much caffiene is in soda pop? A List of Caffiene Content of Popular Drinks

A simple list of the caffeine content of popular soft drinks. Sodas, pops, cokes, soda-pops – depending on your regional dialect. :) Coffee, tea, and cocoa are also included. If you know of any others not in the list, leave them in the comments and I will update the list. Thanks!       Soft [...]

How much caffeine is in soda pop? A List of Caffeine Content of Popular Drinks.

Here is a list of the caffeine content of different drinks. Soft drinks are at the top. The chart lists the caffeine measure in milligrams (mg) for a 12-oz portion. There is a second table at the bottom for teas & coffees. This table uses 8-oz as the serving size. If you know of any [...]

List of the World’s 100 Most Populated Metro Areas

New York City may not top the list of largest cities in the world, but it rounds out the top three on a list of “largest metropolitan areas.” Joining NYC on the list, we have Los Angeles coming in at 12, sweet home Chicago at 25, and Miami at 42. Miami as the fourth largest [...]

How many calories does activity X burn?

Activity (1 hour) 130lbs 155lbs 190lbs Aerobics, general Aerobics, high impact Aerobics, low impact Archery (non-hunting) Automobile repair Backpacking, general Badminton, competitive Badminton, social, general Basketball, game Basketball, nongame, general Basketball, officiating Basketball, shooting baskets Basketball, wheelchair Bicycling, <10mph, leisure Bicycling, >20mph, racing Bicycling, 10-11.9mph, light effort Bicycling, 12-13.9mph, moderate effort Bicycling, 14-15.9mph, vigorous effort [...]

How Many Carbs Are In That …

Blame it all on that crazy Atkins guy, but everyone seems to be counting carbs these days. While a carb-free diet isn’t the healthiest way to to live, many people have decided to ignore the risks and press on in the hopes of dropping a few pounds. To that end, we’ve put together the following [...]

Historical List of Belmont Stakes Winners

2005 Afleet Alex 2004 Birdstone 2003 Empire Maker 2002 Sarava 2001 Point Given 2000 Commendable 1999 Lemon Drop Kid 1998 Victory Gallop 1997 Touch Gold 1996 Editor.s Note 1995 Thunder Gulch 1994 Tabasco Cat 1993 Colonial Affair 1992 A.P. Indy 1991 Hansel 1990 Go And Go 1989 Easy Goer 1988 Risen Star 1987 Bet Twice [...]

Historical List of Preakness Stakes Winners

2006 Bernardini 2005 Afleet Alex 2004 Smarty Jones 2003 Funny Cide 2002 War Emblem 2001 Point Given 2000 Red Bullet 1999 Charismatic 1998 Real Quiet 1997 Silver Charm 1996 Louis Quatorze 1995 Timber Country 1994 Tabasco Cat 1993 Prairie Bayou 1992 Pine Bluff 1991 Hansel 1990 Summer Squall 1989 Sunday Silence 1988 Risen Star 1987 [...]

Historical List of Kentucky Derby Winners

2006 Barbaro 2005 Giacomo 2004 Smarty Jones 2003 Funny Cide 2002 War Emblem 2001 Monarchos 2000 Fusaichi Pegasus 1999 Charismatic 1998 Real Quiet 1997 Silver Charm 1996 Grindstone 1995 Thunder Gulch 1994 Go for Gin 1993 Sea Hero 1992 Lil E. Tee 1991 Strike the Gold 1990 Unbridled 1989 Sunday Silence 1988 Winning Colors 1987 [...]

List of Triple Crown Near Misses

Whle only 11 horses have won the Triple Crown, many horses have come close. Here is a list of horses who won two out of the three Triple Crown races. YEAR KENTUCKY DERBY PREAKNESS BELMONT ————————————————————- 1877 (Did not start) Cloverbrook Cloverbrook 1878 (Did not start) Duke of Magenta Duke of Magenta 1880 (Did not [...]

List of Triple Crown Winners

Only 11 horses have won horse racing’s elusive triple crown.


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