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Changing the Margin Size on the Kindle

I’ve always thought that the Kindle has way too big of margins.  So much of the screen seems wasted on huge margins.  Yeah, it produces a prettier pictures when photographing the Kindle, but if you prefer a little bit larger text size, these large margin cuts down on the number of words-per-page significantly. I wanted [...]

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying About Their iPad Experience

OK, maybe that title is a little harsh. Perhaps a better title would be “When someone tells you they love their iPad because it functions as an eBook reader, you should be a little suspect of their claims, because they’re starting to sound like a fan-boy, simply parroting the ad-copy dreamed up in Cupertino, and [...]

Getting a List of All Books in Your Calibre Library

Who wants a nice listing of all of the books in their eBook collection? I needed a list to share with a few friends, and even though I could have generated a simple directory listing, I wanted something a little nicer. I found this tip over at the MobileRead forums. If you use Calibre to [...]

Viewing the Clock on the Kindle 2

The Kindle 1 has a couple of nice “clock hacks” that will show you the current time. For instance, on the first generation Kindle, if you hit “Alt-T” on the main screen a clock will appear in the lower right hand corner. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on the Kindle 2 – hitting “Alt-T” does nothing. [...]

Recently Read Documents Appearing at End of List on Kindle

Had the strangest problem with my Kindle today. All of a sudden, my Recently Read Documents started showing up, well, backwards. Not all of them – only the books I had recently read. So after I would read each book, it would disappear from the first page of my document listing. At first I thought [...]

Use Custom Background Images as Screen Savers on the Kindle

Kindlerama pointed me to an updated version of the old Kindle Screen Saver hack that lets you replace the boring stock screen saver images with images of your own. Not that I object to the default Kindle screen savers – I rather like them, actually. But after staring at the same cycling images for over [...]


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