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“Press Ctrl-I to enter configuration utility” Boot Failure Caused by Kindle

I had to reboot one of my computers, which a pretty rare occurrence around here. The machine is a few years old Dell Dimension e520. The problem:  The computer wouldn’t reboot.  After running through a little RAID dialog, the computer just hung, right after showing the message “Press Ctrl-I to enter configuration utility”.  The solution:  [...]

Changing the Margin Size on the Kindle

I’ve always thought that the Kindle has way too big of margins.  So much of the screen seems wasted on huge margins.  Yeah, it produces a prettier pictures when photographing the Kindle, but if you prefer a little bit larger text size, these large margin cuts down on the number of words-per-page significantly. I wanted [...]

How To Fix Your Kindle 2 When It Won’t Charge

Egad! My Kindle stopped charging! I settled in to bed the other night and grabbed my Amazon Kindle, looking to pick up where I left off in The Hades Factor. I was met with a familiar “Your battery is running low” message, so I plugged the Kindle in to the charger for the night and [...]


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