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Getting uMatrix to work with javascript bookmarklets

Firefox has a great extension called NoScript. Unfortunately, it’s not available for Chrome or Chromium. But fret not, there’s a similar extension available for Chrome called uMatrix. This extension offers fine-level control of each element of a webpage, including CSS, cookies, and javascript. As with many powerful extensions, it’s not really designed for the average [...]

How to Set the Window Size and Position of a Chrome Application Shortcut

Now that I’ve moved into the Android world, I’ve been using Google/Gmail’s “Tasks” feature to keep track of my To Do Lists.  I prefer this method to a separate stand-alone ToDo app because it’s clean & simple, and it’s one less app to manage. I created a Chrome Application Shortcut to my Task List for [...]

Adding a Confirm Dialog To Instapaper’s “Read Later” Bookmarklet

I use the awesome website Instapaper.com to keep track of articles that I want to read. For those who aren’t in the know, Instapaper will take any website article, convert it to a readable format (that is, strip out ads, sidebars, and other extraneous crap), and store a link to it in your Instapaper account [...]

How To Set a Class Name using Javascript in IE and Other Browsers

I was working a client project today had to use a little javascript. As anyone who’s worked with Javascript knows, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer can be a real pain the butt. Things that work in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari don’t always work in IE – so you always have to come up with workarounds to make [...]

Evil Reddit Javascript Code

Reddit.com is a user community where people share new ideas and insightful commentary. Nah, just kidding – it’s just a website where you can find links to certain mob-approved topics. If you’re so inclined,you can even argue with and insult other people over those links. Ain’t the internet grand? One silly feature of Reddit is [...]

How To Reveal Stored Passwords in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE

Nowadays browsers store passwords then auto-populate forms, hiding that stored password behind little dots or asterisks.  Guess what? There is a way to reveal the password hidden behind there.  This is very handy for when you forget your password but have it stored in the browser. Reveal Stored Passwords in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Navigate [...]

Calculate the Days Since a Given Date (Javascript)

I recently needed to calculate the number of days that had elapsed since a given date. Not happy with any of the code snippets I found on the internet, I wrote my own. A demo is below, along with the the javascript code. Note that the code uses a bit of dynamic HTML so no [...]


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