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Domain Name Registrars Can Be Held Liable For Contributory Trademark Infringement

Attention domain parkers and registrars offering “cash parking” and domain monitization services: Yes, you can be held liable for contributory trademark infringement if you knowingly profit from your clients’ infringement. So sayeth the Southern District of Florida. More specifically, the allegations against the defendants included conduct enabling a class of customers comprised of fictitious entities [...]

Your Phone Number is on Facebook – Who Cares?

A lot of my Facebook friends keep re-posting this. Apparently people are outraged that their phone number is available to their Facebook friends. Why is everyone so concerned? The message: PHONE NUMBER IS NOW ON FACEBOOK! Go to the top right of your screen, click Account then Edit Friends. Go to the left side of [...]

Use Google Public DNS To Speed Up Your Browsing Experience

A recent comment on an old article about Comcast’s DNS servers being really slow brought something to my attention: Google now offers a public DNS service. Why use Google public DNS? For starters, it can really speed up your browsing experience. The average webpage requires about a dozen DNS lookups, and these lookups can be [...]

Facebook Makes New Layout Changes in February 2010

I logged in to my Facebook account today and saw that Facebook has once again changed things up. Since the changes are being rolled out to just a few users right now, here are a few screengrabs of the new layout. (Click for a larger version.) It looks like they’ve really cleaned things up – [...]

Searching your Facebook page for “Automation Log” does not show you people who have “Hacked’ your account

A recent Facebook hoax reads like this: IMPORTANT No joke! Apparently multiple people have had a hacker. I tried this and yes he was listed on mine too. The way to find them is to go into your settings, privacy settings, block list, and in the “person” box, type “automation log.” If someone pops up, [...]

How To Reveal Stored Passwords in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE

Nowadays browsers store passwords then auto-populate forms, hiding that stored password behind little dots or asterisks.  Guess what? There is a way to reveal the password hidden behind there.  This is very handy for when you forget your password but have it stored in the browser. Reveal Stored Passwords in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Navigate [...]

How to remove yourself as a “Fan” on your Facebook profile

I’m posting this tip because it took me forever to figure out how to remove myself from being a “Fan” of something or other on Facebook. Seems that it is really easy to become a fan of something, but when you decide that you no longer want to be a fan, it’s not easy to [...]

Who is the largest Domain Name Registrar?

In a word (or two): Go Daddy. By Far. According to webhosting.info, Go Daddy is blowing the competition out of the water. As of March 2008, 23.4% of all domain name registrations are done through Go Daddy, with another 3% through Go Daddy owned Wild West Domains. Web hosting.info has this handy little chart: (current [...]


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