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Use Custom Background Images as Screen Savers on the Kindle

Kindlerama pointed me to an updated version of the old Kindle Screen Saver hack that lets you replace the boring stock screen saver images with images of your own. Not that I object to the default Kindle screen savers – I rather like them, actually. But after staring at the same cycling images for over [...]

How To Fix Your Kindle 2 When It Won’t Charge

Egad! My Kindle stopped charging! I settled in to bed the other night and grabbed my Amazon Kindle, looking to pick up where I left off in The Hades Factor. I was met with a familiar “Your battery is running low” message, so I plugged the Kindle in to the charger for the night and [...]

How To Watch Flash Videos Full-Screen on Dual Monitor Setup

If you have a dual monitor setup, you’ve probably tried to watch a flash video on one screen while working on the other. As you likely know by now, it doesn’t work – as soon as you click the mouse on the other screen, the Flash video snaps back to regular size. Pretty annoying, I [...]

How To Reveal Stored Passwords in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE

Nowadays browsers store passwords then auto-populate forms, hiding that stored password behind little dots or asterisks.  Guess what? There is a way to reveal the password hidden behind there.  This is very handy for when you forget your password but have it stored in the browser. Reveal Stored Passwords in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Navigate [...]

How to use your Netgear (or Linksys, or D-Link) wireless router as a Hub

Ok, here’s the deal: I have 2 wireless routers, a Cisco and a Netgear. The house’s primary router, a DD-WRT-based Cisco, is in my first-floor office. Unfortunately, the signal isn’t strong enough to make it to the third floor of my house. I wanted to run a wire to the third floor of my home [...]


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