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Getting a free XM radio trial without a credit card

I heard that my favorite skeptics Penn & Teller were going to be on XM radio so I headed over to the Sirius/XM website to have a listen.  I hit the main page and signed up for a “free” trial.  “Sweet!,” I thought.  “30 days free!”  Nope.  Not quite. Because step two of the “free” [...]

Gevalia Coffee Great if You Like Expensive, Overpriced Coffee

Gevalia Coffee (or Gevalia Kaffe) will send you coffee by mail. You sign up by giving them your name, address, and credit card info, and they take care of the rest. I signed up for a trial offer a few months ago, drawn in by their promise of a free coffee maker. I received the [...]

ING Direct Easy Orange Mortgage – Not As Easy As You Think

I got a postcard from ING today. They are inviting me to convert my mortgage to an “Easy Orange” mortgage at the unbelievably low rate of 3.875%. As with most things that sound too good to be true, this deal almost certainly is. And a quick inspection of their website seems to indicate that ING [...]

It’s Hard to Cancel Angie’s List Subscriptions – Beware

Since I recently purchased a home, I signed up for Angie’s List last month. If you’re not familliar with the site, it’s a website where consumers can rate a variety of service businesses – plumbers, roofers, window guys, etc. It’s not free – a membership to Angie’s List runs about $6/month in my city. They [...]

American Express unexpectedly lowers credit limit, loses life-long customer

I’ve been an American Express customer for nearly 10 years. No, “customer” isn’t quite the right word – I’ve been more of an American Express “evangelist.” I use my AMEX exclusively. I shy away from businesses that don’t accept American Express. I am always telling my friends about the benefits of American Express – from [...]

The Phone Spamming Doves at 1-800-679-0336

Over the last 3 weeks, my business has received at least 15 calls from the number 800-679-0336. Each call features a computer voice that says “Hi, this is Kami, may I please speak to the woman of the house?” No, Kami, you may not. A little research shows that this number belongs to a “charity” [...]


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