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How to disable the HTML5 player on YouTube in Chrome browser

Man, this HTML5 player on YouTube is causing me so many problems. Choppy audio, frequent video stuttering, it’s terrible.  I don’t have the newest computer in the world (Windows XP still going strong!), but it’s certainly fast enough to handle showing a video and doing something else at the same time. I don’t have any [...]

Getting LastPass to Remember .htaccess (Basic Auth) Passwords in Chrome

LastPass is all kinds of awesome. If you’re not familiar with LastPass, it’s not quite enough to say that it’s a password manager. It is, but it’s so much better than that – it’s a password manager done the right way.  I don’t want to get into explaining the many features that make LastPass bulletproof, [...]

How to Set the Window Size and Position of a Chrome Application Shortcut

Now that I’ve moved into the Android world, I’ve been using Google/Gmail’s “Tasks” feature to keep track of my To Do Lists.  I prefer this method to a separate stand-alone ToDo app because it’s clean & simple, and it’s one less app to manage. I created a Chrome Application Shortcut to my Task List for [...]

Why is Google Chrome’s Startup So Painfully Slow?

I’ve been a Chrome devotee since nearly day one.  It’s a stable, reliable, lightning fast browser that handles today’s javascript-heavy pages with ease.  It’s so fast, in fact, that I used to show off how I could use Chrome to look something up before Firefox would even start up – that’s right, I could click [...]

Chrome Crashing Immediately on Startup

Well this is a fine way to start the morning. I grab my laptop, sit down in the front of the fireplace, open Chrome, crash.  Open Chrome again, crash.  And again, crash. Ugh. I did a little searching (in Firefox, not Chrome) and found that this is a pretty common problem as of late.  Here’s [...]

Fixing the Chrome Error: “Could not create directory for unzipping”

I went to install a new extension in Google Chrome / Chromium and I was getting the error message “Could not create directory for unzipping.” This doesn’t seem to be a permissions issue, as I have full rights on the PC I’m working on. I found this thread in which some others report the same [...]

How To Reveal Stored Passwords in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE

Nowadays browsers store passwords then auto-populate forms, hiding that stored password behind little dots or asterisks.  Guess what? There is a way to reveal the password hidden behind there.  This is very handy for when you forget your password but have it stored in the browser. Reveal Stored Passwords in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Navigate [...]


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