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American Express Offers 1.30% Personal Savings Account

Got some mail today from American Express. They’re now offering personal savings accounts that pay 1.30% APY. In this rough and tumble economy, that’s a pretty good deal. Emigrant Direct is currently offering just 1.00%, while Dollar Savings Direct is paying 1.10%. With PERSONAL SAVINGS FROM AMERICAN EXPRESS, you can have the same peace of [...]

How can I deposit a check for someone else?

I’m seeing a lot of people coming to this site asking “Can I deposit a check for someone else,” and “Can I deposit a check made out to someone else?” The quick answer is “Yes, you can.” You only need to have that person sign the check over to you. To do so, follow the [...]

Why You Should Write “For Deposit Only” On Checks As Soon As You Receive Them

Since I was writing another article about checks, How To Sign A Check Over To Someone Else, I thought I would share another useful tidbit about checks and banking. When you receive a check from another person, you should immediately indorse (that is, sign the back of) that check and write the words “For Deposit [...]

How To Sign A Check Over To Someone Else

As a local slumlord, I rent to a lot of tenants who don’t have their own checking accounts. What they do have, though, are checks made out to them from their employer. And I want ‘em. I’m kidding – I’m not really a slumlord. (Honest!) But I do occasionally need to accept & deposit checks [...]

ING Direct Easy Orange Mortgage – Not As Easy As You Think

I got a postcard from ING today. They are inviting me to convert my mortgage to an “Easy Orange” mortgage at the unbelievably low rate of 3.875%. As with most things that sound too good to be true, this deal almost certainly is. And a quick inspection of their website seems to indicate that ING [...]

American Express unexpectedly lowers credit limit, loses life-long customer

I’ve been an American Express customer for nearly 10 years. No, “customer” isn’t quite the right word – I’ve been more of an American Express “evangelist.” I use my AMEX exclusively. I shy away from businesses that don’t accept American Express. I am always telling my friends about the benefits of American Express – from [...]


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