In addition to those provided in the drop-down list, Skype has a number of hidden emoticons as well. Some of these are not available with all versions. To be sure that they all work, be sure that you and the person you are chatting with both have the latest version of Skype.

If you know of any not included in the list, please post them in the comments.

Skype Hidden Emoticons

to use, type description image
(mooning) a man dropping his pants p
(toivo) a man and his dog p
(finger) flipping the bird p
(kate) putting on lipstick p
(bandit) a ninja looking emoticon p
smiley banging his head into a wall emoticon_bang_head.gif
(drunk) a drunk smiley p
(rock) smiley making the rocker hand sign p
smoking smiley p

This is a list of all of the Emoticons that Skype understands:

:) :- ) :=)
:( :- ( :=(
:D :- D :=D :d :-d :=d
8) 8- ) 8=)
:O :-O :=O : o : -o : =o
;) ;- ) ;=)
;( ;-( ;=(
(sweat) (:|
:| :- | :=|
:* :-* :=*
:P :- P :=P :p :-p :=p
(blush) :$ :-$ :=$ :”>
|-) I-) I=) (snooze)
(|-( |( |=(
]:) >:) (grin)
(yawn) |-()
(puke) :& :-&
:@ :-@ :=@ x( x-( X( X-( x=( X=(
:S :-S :s :-S
8-| B-| 8| B| 8=| B=|
:x :- x :X :-X :# :-# :=x :=X :=#
(makeup) (kate)
(chuckle) (giggle)
(think) :- ? : ?
(y) (Y) (ok)
(n) (N)
(skype) (ss)
(h) (H) (l) (L)
(u) (U)
(e) (m)
(F) (f)
(rain) (st)
(#) (sun)
(o) (O)
(~) (film) (movie)
(mp) (ph)
(pi) (pizza)
(cash) (mo)
(^) (cake)
(d) (D)
(dance) \o/ \:D/ \:d/
(*) (#)

If you know of others, post them in the comments.