Don’t. Just don’t.

As mentioned here, I tried using canned cream with my safety razor and it didn’t go so well.

I did it because I’m new to traditional wet shaving, and while I had a DE razor and some shave soap on hand, my brush hadn’t yet arrived in the mail.  I was anxious to get started, so I figured, “What the heck?  I’ll give it a go with the canned cream.”

When I did, I ended up with a less than desirable shave. And I had to make pretty liberal use of my styptic pencil, to boot.

Now that I’ve had the pleasure of shaving with a brush and soap for a bit, I think can tell why canned shaving cream doesn’t work that well – the reason is that canned shaving foam doesn’t lubricate your face anywhere near as well as traditional shaving soaps. 

When you use a DE razor on non-lubricated skin, the razor tends to bounce up down ever so slightly, presumably when it catches on the skin or stubble.  This bouncing results in the blade coming down hard on your face, resulting in an uneven shave, or worse, a cut.

If you *must* use something out of a can, go with a shaving gel of some sort. The gel will still dry your face out more so than a traditional shaving soap, but it will lubricate the skin a lot better than canned cream will.