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Fix for Kindle Fire no longer configured to stream video error – Why can’t I play or download?

Of course I had to get a Kindle Fire as soon as it came out. And of course I had to root the device just a day later, as soon as an exploit was discovered. Everything went well, or so I thought. I popped into bed and thought I’d watch a little Arrested Development before [...]

American Red Cross Won’t Stop Calling Me – AGAIN

I’ve written about the American Red Cross stalking me for my blood in the past.  In short, I used to regularly donate blood to the American Red Cross, but when they started calling me multiple times per day & asking that I schedule a donation, it irked me.  I asked them to stop calling, many, [...]

Linux .forward file not working? Make sure you have the permissions set correctly

I checked in to one of my Linux accounts today and saw that I had about 2 GB of unread emails. Dating back to 2008, these emails were almost entirely the output of different cron jobs that I have set up & running on that account.  They were error notifications & various STDOUT messages.  Nothing [...]

AT&T Doesn’t Prorate Your Final Bill Unless You Call and Ask

I cancelled my AT&T phone service last month because I switched to a much better plan from Virgin Mobile. I didn’t call & cancel, but instead ported my number to Google Voice, at which time the cancellation happens automatically. Before doing the number port, I logged in to my AT&T account and cancelled the automatic [...]

Getting LastPass to Remember .htaccess (Basic Auth) Passwords in Chrome

LastPass is all kinds of awesome. If you’re not familiar with LastPass, it’s not quite enough to say that it’s a password manager. It is, but it’s so much better than that – it’s a password manager done the right way.  I don’t want to get into explaining the many features that make LastPass bulletproof, [...]

Computer Fan Too Loud? Fix It By Cleaning Out the Dust & Dirt

We have many, many computers in the On Everything household, and I recently set them all up to run Seti@Home and Einstein@Home using Berkeley’s Boinc software.  Most of them are just sitting idle most of the time, so why not do something useful with them, right? The software installed & ran splendidly on most of [...]

How to Set the Window Size and Position of a Chrome Application Shortcut

Now that I’ve moved into the Android world, I’ve been using Google/Gmail’s “Tasks” feature to keep track of my To Do Lists.  I prefer this method to a separate stand-alone ToDo app because it’s clean & simple, and it’s one less app to manage. I created a Chrome Application Shortcut to my Task List for [...]

For a cheap cell phone plan, check out Virgin Mobile USA

My AT&T iPhone costs me about $80/month for service.  And I don’t even have the 3G iPhone, or the fancy iPhone 4 – I have the classic 2G model.  4GB, aluminum backing.  Cingular “EDGE” network only.  I bought it for $300 when Apple first dropped the price.  And I’ve never upgraded, because I don’t really [...]

Popcap’s Peggle – How not to make an Android App

I installed Amazon’s Appstore on my phone, an application that offers a free download of a “paid” app each day. Today, the free app is “Peggle” by internet gaming giant Popcap.  I’m not a big gamer, but I thought I’d check it out mostly for research purposes.  I’m looking to get into Android development myself, [...]

Fix for "Java SE Development Kit Not Found” error when installing Android SDK

I have a new Android phone and wanted to play around with some Android development. I chose to install the development tools on both a Windows box and a Linux box so I could compare the experiences. I ran in to a really weird problem when trying to install on Windows, though. After downloading and [...]

My Kindle’s Screen is Broken! But Amazon is Replacing It – For Free

I can’t believe it happened to me. I was settling into bed, and I grabbed my Kindle for a little bedtime reading. But boy was I in for a shock. ACK!  The screen was broken! Turning it off and on didn’t fix the problem, nor did doing a reset or gently massaging the screen with [...]

Lord Platinum DE Razor Blade Review

I’m slowing working through my double-edge blade sampler pack and recently tried the Lord Platinum class blade.  I rather liked the Lord Platinums – I had about week’s worth of growth on my face and was happy to find that I got a decent shave with only 2 passes. I was a bit surprised to [...]

Validating an Email Address with PHP’s filter_var isn’t perfect

So I’m working on a project where I need to validate that the user has entered a correct email address. I don’t really care if someone sticks in a “fake” email address – to complete registration, the user needs to enter a confirmation code that I send via email, so if they put in a [...]

“Press Ctrl-I to enter configuration utility” Boot Failure Caused by Kindle

I had to reboot one of my computers, which a pretty rare occurrence around here. The machine is a few years old Dell Dimension e520. The problem:  The computer wouldn’t reboot.  After running through a little RAID dialog, the computer just hung, right after showing the message “Press Ctrl-I to enter configuration utility”.  The solution:  [...]

Gillette Platinum DE Razor Blades are Wonderful

I started shaving with a double-edge (DE) razor about 1 month ago. When I started out, I initially purchased 100 Shark blades from Amazon based on a recommendation from a user on Reddit.  The blades had excellent reviews, and at only 18 cents per blade, how could I go wrong, right? Wrong.  I’ve since come [...]

Managing Server Load when unzipping many large files

So, I have about 500 zipped up files that I needed to unzip.  Each of these files is about 100M when decompressed.  I ran into a big problem when unzipping the files all at once – when I did a simple “unzip \*zip", the server load eventually skyrocketed.  The load got so high, in fact, [...]

Caution: filename not matched error when unzipping multiple files workaround

I was unzipping a boatload of zip files today, and I casually entered “unzip *zip” into my Linux command line. No way, said my system. Instead of unzipping the files, I got a bunch of warnings that read: “caution: filename not matched,” followed by a filename.  At the end of the listing, unzip told me [...]

Making Lather with Walmart’s Van Der Hagen Shave Soap

A new-ish company named Van der Hagen produces an inexpensive glycerin shave soap for use with double edge (DE) razors and straight razors. The soap is surprisingly well regarded by the shaving community, and sells at your local Walmart for just $1.50. For $1.50, I had to give it a shot. I initially had a [...]

How to Free an Audible AudioBook so you can play it on any Device

I had a coupon for a few free Audible audio book downloads, so I picked out a book at Audible.com and decided to check it out.  Little did I know that this seemingly innocuous action would pitch me into an hour long journey of frustration and despair. I went to the Audible site and saw [...]

How to Remove Yourself From a Twitter List

So someone added you to a Twitter list like “dummies,” or “mean people,” or “jerks,” eh?  It’s mean. I know.  And Twitter doesn’t provide any good way for you to get off of that list. The worst part is, when someone browses to your Twitter profile, they’ll be presented with a listing of “lists” that [...]

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