Ok, here’s the deal:

I have 2 wireless routers, a Cisco and a Netgear.

The house’s primary router, a DD-WRT-based Cisco, is in my first-floor office. Unfortunately, the signal isn’t strong enough to make it to the third floor of my house.

I wanted to run a wire to the third floor of my home & use the Netgear router as a hub (both wired and wireless) on the third floor, letting the DD-WRT router continue to handle the firewall, DHCP, etc., for the entire house.

The problem was – there’s no setting in the Netgear WRT-642g configuration page for “hub mode.”

Searching yielded little helpful information. A few nuggets led me to do a bit of experimentation, and I discovered a working solution.

The trick: Connect the second router (the one you want to use as a hub) to the first using one of the second’s LAN ports, not it’s WAN port. That is, don’t use the port you would use to connect this router to your cable modem. Instead, use one of the other ports, usually labeled 1-4.

Doing this allowed me to use my Netgear router as a hub, even though it’s not officially supported.

Happy surfing!