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How To Fix Your Kindle 2 When It Won’t Charge

Egad! My Kindle stopped charging! I settled in to bed the other night and grabbed my Amazon Kindle, looking to pick up where I left off in The Hades Factor. I was met with a familiar “Your battery is running low” message, so I plugged the Kindle in to the charger for the night and [...]

How to extend the life of your disposable razor blades

Razor blades are expensive. At an average cost of roughly $2.50 per “premium” blade (such as Schick Quattro or Gillette Fusion), a well-groomed man can easily spend hundreds of dollars on replacement blades each year. ┬áThankfully, there are a few things you can do to maximize the life of your razor blades. In fact, I [...]

How to fix the cursor ball on a Blackberry 8830

I have an 8830 World Edition phone. The problem is that the ball cursor doesn’t work that well when I scroll. I searched for some answers to this problem and was able to find a few tips. Here are a few ways to fix the problem: Press down firmly on the ball and roll it [...]


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