Lucky me – I happen to have a pretty reliable source of Nintendo Wiis. For the last few months I’ve been getting about 3 Wiis per week. Most of these have gone to clients and friends as gifts, but I’ve sold a few as well.

I used to sell them primarily on eBay, but lately there have been so many fake bidders that you have to watch your auction like a hawk and cancel any bids from a new user or a user with zero feedback. Whether this phenomenon is the result of a slew of new eBay users who just don’t understand the process, or whether it’s primarily nutjob anti-capitalists, I can’t say for sure. (I suspect the latter.) Either way, this, along with eBay’s ridiculous fee structure, has pushed me away. I now sell my Wiis on Craigslist.

Until today, I’ve sold about 6 Wiis on Craigslist without incident. Today, however, some merry band of idiots is out there flagging my Wii ads as “inappropriate,” and they’re being automatically removed from the site. It appears that I am not alone. What is it about reselling Wiis that causes so many otherwise reasonable people to fly into unchecked rages? I have to wonder where these people do their weekly shopping – surely it must be hard to go through life with the attitude that people should sell you whatever you want at cost.

Anyway, I did learn an interesting trick to keep your posts from being removed from Craigslist – just edit the ad every so often, and the “flag counter” will be reset.