I have love-hate relationship with Comcast.

On the one hand, they’re always jacking up my monthly bill, the customer service sucks, and my digital cable is always cutting out at inopportune times.

On the other, they offer the best internet connection in my area, and I want that, so I don’t really have any other choice.

One thing that really drives me nuts is that the “Program Guide” feature shows me programming information for about 500 channels that I don’t receive, and there’s no way to make it stop. I’m pretty sure that Comcast thinks this is going to make me want to upgrade my cable package, but they are so wrong – all it does is make me want to switch to another carrier, ASAP. Between the info-noise of the channels I don’t receive, the banner ads that they force me to click past on the guide, and the slow response time of doing anything with the cable box, I can hardly even use the Program Guide.

I found a thread where a Comcast customer service rep offers little in the way of an explanation, just a “Well, everyone else does it, so we do it too.”

First, everyone else doesn’t do it. But even if they did, is that any excuse? This is a clear case of “doing exactly what your customer doesn’t want and using your monopoly power to get away with it.” It’s abusive. And Comcast should be ashamed.