Psst.  Hey, Amazon.

You know all those eBooks I’ve bought at your site over the years?

You know which ones I’m talking about?

Yeah, you do.  And so does everyone else who picks up my Kindle Fire, because every book I’ve ever purchased from you is listed in the carousel!

Never mind the fact that I’ll never need to re-read the dozens of trashy titles that I finished years ago, which only clutters up the interface.  Never mind the fact that this carousel thing is a mess with its jumble of apps, documents, videos, web page screenshots, and book covers.

But did you ever stop to think that I might not want my friends, family, and anyone who wants to play with my Fire at a coffee shop knowing that I secretly read Twilight?

Or that some people might be *embarrassed* for others to know they’ve read “Coping with Depression,” or “Transgender Explained For Those Who Are Not?”  Maybe someone had to check out “Understanding and Addressing Adult Sexual Attraction to Children: A Study of Paedophiles in Contemporary Society” for research project 3 years ago, and here it is on display on their Kindle, for all comers to see, for the rest of eternity.

Or maybe I recently became pregnant and don’t want my family and friends to know just yet.  But that “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” sure is a mighty big hint, don’t you think?

You’d think you’d know better.

Sure, you’ll probably respond by saying, “The Kindle is a personal device.”   Yep, sure is, Amazon.  It’s so personal that I can’t let anyone else ever touch it.  I might as well keep it on my nightstand, locked in a small safe.  Or, hey, maybe I’ll just send it back.

Fix it now, Amazon.

Or I’ll start getting my eBooks elsewhere.