Kindlerama pointed me to an updated version of the old Kindle Screen Saver hack that lets you replace the boring stock screen saver images with images of your own.

Not that I object to the default Kindle screen savers – I rather like them, actually. But after staring at the same cycling images for over a year now, I need a change. Plus, what better way to brighten your day than to look at your Kindle and see a photo of your loved ones?

Download the necessary files from MobileRead and follow the instructions listed there.

As far as hacks go, this is about as easy as one can get – you simply copy a file to your Kindle via the USB cable, create a directory, drop in your personal images, then select “Update firmware” from the Kindle menuing system.

Before deciding to make the change, keep in mind that all “hacking” of the Kindle is unauthorized (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), and making this change may prevent you from receiving further automatic firmware updates.

But fret not – the screen saver hack package includes an “uninstall” package as well, so when Amazon pushes out another update, you can simply revert to the boring ol’ dead authors.