I’ll get right to the point – Trig razor blades are by far the worst blade I’ve ever used.

The blade doesn’t seem all that sharp.  It pulls out more hair than it cuts.

Because of its dullness, it’s always getting caught & bouncing on my face, rather than gliding smoothly.  This would normally cause a lot of nicks & scrapes, but because this blade is about as sharp as a lemon I managed to walk away relatively uninjured.

Took me three passes with this blade to get to a decent level shave, and that’s being generous.  I still have stubble, and I still have missed patches.

I was surprised to find that some people really like Trig blades. (Which are manufactured by the Treet corporation.)  One poster at Badger & Blade just loves them.

I’m always surprised I don’t see these excellent blades discussed more on the shave forums as I find their price to performance ratio hard to beat. A popular UK seller offers these at ten for £2.60 GBP (€3.10 EUR) and I’ll be stocking up.


Others, though, have experiences in line with my own, like this fellow at SMF.

I think your being generous with a 6.25, one of the worst blades along with all the Treet blades made in Pakistan, just did not suit me at all.

I’m sure it would suit some people, but not me.


If that’s the case, I may be tossing all of my yet-untried Treet blades in the trash.

As everyone in the wet shaving world is fond of saying, “Your mileage may vary.”  Hey, maybe I got a bad batch.  But the Trig blade is, by far, the worst blade I’ve ever tried.