I’m not against coupons, but RedPlum is ridiculous.

Sure, they call it a coupon “book,” but it’s more like a disorganized heap of loose paper than it is a book.

Every page is a different size, it isn’t bound in any way. It’s just an unorganized mess. Aren’t “books” supposed to be “bound?”

I’m sure that the RedPlum people think they’ve hit on a genius marketing idea – you have no choice but to look at the interior pages, since they fall all over the floor when you pick the thing up!

I’m tired of my regular mail getting accidentally lost in the catastrophic mess that is RedPlum, so I looked into getting delivery stopped.

Fortunately, I found this helpful blog post by John Mark Engle that instructs on how to get them to stop mailing you.

Stopping RedPlum at its source
Visit RedPlum’s parent company Valassis and request that your name be removed from their mailing list.

Nice and easy.