I have a few Roombas that I purchased from Woot. They may or may not be refurbished, I don’t recall. After years of excellent floor-cleaning service, I had a Roomba battery issue today.

My Roomba Discovery would go from dead to fully charged in about 3 minutes. It would then only run for a few minutes before dying. When I again charged the dead-Roomba battery, it would again show fully charged (steady green light) after only about 3 minutes… only to go dead again after 30 seconds of use.

I thought my battery was dead and needed to be replaced. The thing is, I just replaced this Roomba’s battery (at a cost of $60) about a year ago. Something seemed wrong.

I Googled a bit and found some advice that saved me from having to buy another battery. Turns out I just needed to reset my Roomba’s charging system.

“If your Roomba Red, Roomba (sage), Roomba Discovery, or Roomba Discovery SE is indicating a full charge, but it only runs for 15 minutes when you press clean, you need to reset the charging system. You can do this by removing the battery from the robot and unplugging the charger from the wall and robot. Please hold the power button down for 30 seconds. You then should charge the robot…..”

Yes, that’s right – hold the power button down for 30 seconds with the battery out and Roomba charger disconnected. What you are doing is draining the capacitor circuits within Roomba, essentially reseting it. If done with the battery or charger connected, these capacitors are never drained.

After doing this, twice, my Roomba is back to normal. That’s right – I had to do it twice to get results.