I just wrote a post about my free Tassimo Coffee Maker, and went to make a cup of coffee using one of my remaining free T-Disks. The thing overflowed all over my countertop, for the SECOND TIME in just 10 uses. That’s a 20% failure rate!

The first time was about a week ago. I loaded the T-Disk, placed my cup, and walked away while the thing brewed me a cup of coffee. Or at least that’s what I thought it was going to do.  What the machine actually did was brew coffee all over my countertop, ruining a pretty expensive piece of electronics that was charging nearby in the process. Coffee was everywhere.  Coffee grounds were everywhere.  My new fancy electronic iGizmo, plugged in & charging nearby, won’t even turn on anymore.

I declined to write about this incident in my last post because I figured it was probably somehow my fault, and I didn’t want to be unfair. I don’t really know how it could have been my fault, the thing is pretty simple to use – you just pop in a cartridge and close the lid. Still, I gave the Tassimo the benefit of the doubt.

But it just happened AGAIN.  Fortunately, I caught it early this time and was able to turn the machine off before it made too much of a mess.

I’ve used this thing exactly 10 times now, and it’s overflowed & made a huge mess 20% of the time. 

So I’m gonna have to add another item to the list of things that Tassimo needs to do to make their system usable.

  • Make the T-Disks less expensive.
  • Fix the machine so it doesn’t brew coffee all over the countertop 20% of the time.
  • Send me a check for $699 to replace my iPad, since now I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t my fault that the machine blew up. Gevalia, Kraft Foods, Bosch,Tassimo: you can use the donation link on the side of the page.  Please add 3% to account for processing fees.