I’ve been listening to a lot of audio books lately.

I like to listen to them while walking, or while at the gym.

The problem with audio books is that they often come in multiple files, and I don’t like having to set up a playlist for each book.

The Android app that I use to listen to these audio books (DoggCatcher) does a pretty good job of keeping track of my place in each book, so I’d prefer that each book be one large file.

I thought I’d look for free, easy to use software that combines multiple mp3 files into one single large mp3.  It did take a bit of searching, but I finally found MP3 Album Maker by MakeitOne.

This software is really easy to use – you just drag and drop the files you want to combine onto the window, reorder them if necessary, and hit “go”.

Voila – a single large mp3 file from as many smaller files as you want.  Easy as that.

If you haven’t heard of MP3 Album Maker, check it out today.