Over the years, I’ve have a few Uniden phone systems. I can’t say enough about these phones.

I picked up my latest set of 4 phones for just $30. The call quality is great, the handsets are comfortable, and the reception isn’t bad. For the price, you can’t beat it.

I wanted to use an older Uniden phone with my new base unit. When I went into the menu on the handset to register the older phone with the new base, I only saw an option for “Deregister handset.” When I selected that option, the phone tried to connect to the old base unit (which isn’t connected) and timed out with an “Unable to connect” error.

Disconnecting and re-connecting the battery didn’t solve the problem.

I did some investigation and found out how to re-set the old handset so it could be used with my new base unit.

Steps to reset your Uniden cordless phone Handset without the base unit

  1. Disconnect the battery.
  2. Hold down the # and the * keys. While holding them down, re-connect the battery.
  3. Push the right-most “soft” button. This is the button directly under the screen, on the right hand side. (The one that lets you select commands displayed on the screen.)

That’s it- your phone should now say “EEPROM CLEAR OK!”

Simply set the phone on the base unit and it will register itself with that base.

Works with: Uniden Integri-Sound PowerMax 5.8 GHz phone, TCX800, TRU8888, TRU9485, TRU8860.

(Know of any others that it works with? Please let me know in the comments. The handset model number is in the battery compartment, beneath the battery.)