I’ve been hearing a lot about George W. Bush’s new book, Decision Points.

I’m not normally one for politically-themed reading, but I’m a sucker for presidential history, so I thought I’d pick up a copy.

I went to Amazon & was shocked to see that the Kindle edition is actually more expensive than the print version!


Are you kidding me, Amazon?  Let’s go over the reasons why this is ridiculous.

  1. It costs nothing to produce a copy of an eBook. Nothing. Here’s how you do it:  cp book copy_of_book. Not that hard, now was it?  On the other hand, it does cost money to print an actual, tangible book.  Yet somehow the more costly version is cheaper. WTF?
  2. If I pay for the eBook edition, it’s locked to my Kindle via a DRM protection scheme.  One reader, one copy.  Publishers don’t have to worry about lost revenue via loaning, gifting, or resale.  You’d think such a heavily restricted copy would be cheaper than a book that you could read then re-sell, wouldn’t you?  Of course you would, because that makes perfect sense. Apparently not to Amazon.

I’m sorry, but I see this as a big “F**K YOU,” from Amazon to me.  I was an early adopter who paid $360 for my Amazon Kindle.  And they thank me by charging me more for my purchases?

Thanks, Amazon.  Thanks a lot.