I have a new Android phone and wanted to play around with some Android development.

I chose to install the development tools on both a Windows box and a Linux box so I could compare the experiences.

I ran in to a really weird problem when trying to install on Windows, though. After downloading and installing the JDK, I ran the Android install and was told that the Java JDK could not be found on my system.

Weird, since I had just installed it.  I rebooted and tried again.  Same error. “Java SE Development Kit not found.”  

Wanna bet, Android?

Here’s the crazy work around I discovered: When you get this error, hit the “Back” button that the installer puts up, then hit “Next” again.  The second time around, the installer finds the JDK. Without fail.

I don’t know why this works, but it does. 

Each and every time.