The other day I posted this article about a pretty good gas coupon from Exxon – save 10 cents per gallon, up to 50 gallons, with no separate purchase required.

Again, kudos to Exxon – you’re light years ahead of this downright offensive gas coupon from Holiday StationStores, which offers buyers a savings of up to 12 cents.

(That’s 12 cents total, on a whole fill-up.  Not 12 cents per gallon.)

Seems that a restriction has been added to the latest incarnation of the coupon – this time around, you’ll have to buy a car wash, too.

OK, so the restriction isn’t that big of deal if you’re in the market for a car wash anyway.

And depending on where you live, it may be in your best interest to get regular car washes, as road salt hastens a car’s rusting time tremendously.

While the limitation will undoubtedly deter some people from using the coupon, I still think that it’s a decent deal, considering the  coupons offered by the competition. That is, if you’re in the market for a car wash, too.

Gas stations need to make money. And  I’m told that gas stations make very little, if any, money on selling actual gasoline – instead, they make their profit by selling you a $1.50 Coke, and a $4.00 bag of Doritos.  Hence the nationwide proliferation of gas station-convenience store “super station” combos.

That said, I still like the old coupon better.