I cancelled my AT&T phone service last month because I switched to a much better plan from Virgin Mobile. I didn’t call & cancel, but instead ported my number to Google Voice, at which time the cancellation happens automatically.

Before doing the number port, I logged in to my AT&T account and cancelled the automatic monthly billing – I suspected that I might run into problems with AT&T continuing to charge me, and I didn’t want to deal with it.

I’m glad I took the extra step of removing auto-billing, because I just got my final bill in the mail.  AT&T didn’t prorate my final bill, but instead billed me for an entire month of service.  They wanted me to pay $80, when my final bill should have been around $30.

I called customer service and a very helpful CSR calculated the prorated amount and told me he’d be sending a revised bill in the mail.

I couldn’t believe that AT&T doesn’t automatically prorate a customer’s final bill, but a little internet searching told me that it wasn’t a mistake – their company policy is to only prorate the final bill if a customer asks.

Now doesn’t that policy just sum up AT&T’s views on customer care incredibly accurately? 

If you’re looking to port your number to another carrier, be sure to first log in & turn off any auto-payments that you have set up.  Once you make the number switch, you won’t be able to log in to your AT&T account anymore. (They cut you off immediately.)