When will these Facebook users learn?

Pretty much anything you see or hear along the lines of “Don’t do this / don’t do that / this person is trying to get you” is NOT true.

The latest is a warning about a Facebook group of pedophiles purportedly trying to see photos of your kids.

Snopes has the rundown, but here’s the message I’m seeing in my News Feed.

ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!Do not join the group currently on Facebook with the title”Becoming a Father or Mother was the greatest gift of my life”. It is a group of pedophiles trying to access your photos. This was on Fox news@5. Please take time to copy and paste. Keep our children safe!!!!!

This one doesn’t even make any sense. Why would a group of pedophiles create a group to “gain access” to photos of your kids? Its not like it’s hard to find photos of kids on the internet. It’s not like children aren’t out in public everywhere, every day. It’s not like joining a group will give anyone access to your private photos. This is just dumb, all around.

Despite what the message may say about some news station reporting the story, it’s not true. No news station ever reported this. And if they did, they should probably lose their newsey-station license for being complete buffoons.

If you’re out there reposting this on the Facebook, or warning your friends about joining child-centered groups on Facebook, then I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot.